Best Sex Dolls

What are the best sex dolls in the world that you can currently buy online? We discuss each type and focus on what top sex dolls offer. Premium sex dolls are among the most realistic-looking adult sex toys you can think of. Welcome to the best sex doll online store boasting all top models in one place!

Sex dolls design makes the experience incredible. Human-like creatures have ideal proportions, feel soft, lifelike. Internal textures are provided to make them feel like a real human. Sex doll owners report more intense sexual pleasure for sex dolls over an actual partner. Real sex dolls are indeed a good option to have a wonderful sexual experience.

We have prepared a ranking of sex dolls based on real user experience. What distinguishes this type of sex toy? What advantages does a sex doll bring? How does sex with a rubber doll feel? Find these and other exciting answers on the subject below!

What is a Sex Doll?

Even the name reveals what is behind it. Sex dolls are quite simple dolls with which you can have sex.

The majority of sex dolls represent the body of a woman or a man from head to toe. Sex doll includes pleasure channels for penetration. There are also dolls focusing on the essentials. Head and legs are missing, while only breasts, vagina, and anus are formed.

Many sex dolls are made of silicone and other plastics, such as TPE. The latest dolls hold their shape all by themselves, while others need to be inflated. The latter variant is less popular and is gradually being replaced by higher-quality models.

For some men, sex dolls represent more than pure sex objects. They dress the dolls, cuddle with them and thus get the affection they lack.

Best Sex Doll: Buyers Guide

Sex doll quality is noticeable between models and suppliers. While some sex dolls look lifeless, others present surprisingly lifelike. A realistic sex doll can hardly be distinguished from a real woman at first glance. When buying a sex doll pay attention to the following quality features:

  • Suppliers reputation. Sex dolls should definitely be purchased from a reputable and well-known supplier. Manufacturers who have years of experience and positive customer reviews are recommended.
  • Attention to detail. For the sex doll to offer appealing visuals, the manufacturer should focus on every aspect. Especially vagina, anus, breasts, and face should be reminiscent of a real woman. If a sex doll reflects the female body in an abstract form at best, you won’t have too much fun with it.
  • High-quality material. A good doll is made of top materials. Love dolls not only need to feel as much like real skin as possible but must be skin-friendly and medically safe.
  • Easy cleaning. Sex dolls should also be as easy to clean as possible, by having removable pleasure channels. In general, the material should not be too susceptible to damage. With good care, the sex doll lasts unchanged for several years.
  • Warranty. Some providers offer a warranty, which clearly speaks for a high level of the product.

Top Sex Doll vs Other Sex Toys

Sex dolls are very special sex toys. While an ordinary masturbator has at most a formed vagina, a rubber doll comes as the whole woman.

You can recreate sex with a flesh and blood woman quite well. Sex dolls can maintain their position, depending on their own weight. Thanks to an internal skeleton and joints, sex dolls take different positions. Penetrate them in the missionary position or doggy style.

The selection of sex doll models is huge. Choose from the flat-chested sex dolls, shy-looking Asian sex dolls to redheads with tight buttocks to busty sex dolls. If you are willing to pay a certain amount, you can even put together your own love doll online. Customize not only hair color, hairstyle, and cup size, but also figure, eye color, and intimate hair. In direct comparison with other toys, sex doll offers a complete package that can hardly be surpassed.

A sex doll is not only a toy, but in a way also a partner, which in most cases can not talk, but still drives away the loneliness.

What Does Sex With A Sex Doll Feel Like?

People who are thinking about getting a sex doll are often concerned about how sex with the toy feels. Experience shows that sex with a doll is satisfying and comparable to lovemaking with a real woman.

With a little lube, the pleasure channels become nice and moist, penetration can be done to your heart’s content. Depending on the material, the doll warms up with friction and body contact. Imitation of the warmth of a woman’s vagina is real. Men having regular sex with dolls confirmed that intercourse feels realistic, including incredible climaxes. The inhibition factor also contributes to this.

In contact with a real woman, many men do not dare to live out their fantasies and reveal preferences. With a sex doll, you don’t have to be afraid that she will judge you. She does everything, thus the owner can let off steam.

What Sex Doll Accessories Are Available?

Are you fancy a blonde lady who glows with lifelike beauty? But tomorrow rather in the mood for different hair colors? No problem! Thanks to the different sex doll wigs this functionality is given. In general, you have the option to change the appearance of sex dolls.

Discover the appearance of different vagina inserts to a heating rod to mimic the body temperature of a human. Thanks to the variety of alternatives, it never gets boring with the latest generation of dolls. New sex adventures are always waiting for the user.

Vaginal, Oral, Anal: What Channels Do The Best Sex Dolls Have?

The essential thing about sex dolls is ultimately their orifices. Almost all sex dolls have a vaginal opening. Besides, anal and oral channels are also common. High-priced rubber dolls come with all three openings without restrictions.

You can remove pleasure channels from some models for easier cleaning. More important is the shaping of the mouth, vagina, and anus. The more lifelike and detailed they are, the higher the visual appeal.

Difference Between Silicone Dolls and Real Dolls

Real sex dolls are life-size sex dolls are made with special attention to detail. TPE material feels like real skin. Dolls have hair, finger and toenails, eyelashes, eyebrows, and sometimes even teeth. Cheaper silicone sex dolls often have protruding seams and rough edges. Budget dolls have only a few details and feel cold and fake.

The quality sex dolls have their price, but they are worth it. Top-notch dolls have an internal metal skeleton. Internal scaffolding keeps a wide variety of positions and holds the body of the doll. The real dolls are visually as close to a real woman as a sex doll can be and actually leave nothing to be desired.

What Distinguishes Lifelike Sex Dolls?

Life-like sex dolls are rubber dolls manufactured according to resemble a real woman in look and feel. They have body heights of 1.45 cm to 1.70 cm and weigh up to 65 kg. This makes them even more stable and feels realistic to handle. Most of these have a metal skeleton and are handcrafted.

In direct comparison, lifelike sex dolls, like real dolls, are definitely among the more expensive models. Life-like dolls differ in quality from lower-tier love dolls.

What are TPE Sex Dolls?

The abbreviation TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomers. Under the heat influence, the material of the TPE sex doll can be deformed, while remaining solid at room temperature. In everyday life, we encounter TPE on the handlebar grips of bicycles, and as a material used as a rubber substitute. Due to its characteristics, TPE is one of the most popular materials for manufacturing luxury sex dolls.

TPE replaces silicone or cheap rubber. The above properties allow creating more femininity and softness of the sex doll skin, which leads to more pleasure and fun for the user.

Properties that make TPE sex doll stand out:

  • Moldability. As mentioned earlier, TPE becomes moldable when heated. Detailed dolls can be molded with comparatively little effort. The behavior of this special plastic in contact with heat also has a disadvantage. It is not possible to take a hot bath with a TPE doll without damaging the material.
  • Odorless. While many plastics emit an unpleasant smell, TPE is absolutely odorless. Choose a rubber doll made of TPE, don’t worry about chemical odors interfering with your lovemaking.
  • Skin compatibility. TPE is considered to be skin-friendly. TPE is usually well tolerated by people suffering from latex allergies.
  • Heat storage capacity. TPE warms up when friction or body contact occurs and can store the heat gained for a limited period of time. Heat storage capacity makes the material particularly valuable with sex doll production. After all, sex with a sex doll feels much better when it is not cold but warmed.
  • Haptics. Properly processed, TPE feels comparable to real skin. The combination of elasticity and firmness results in a very pleasant feel. Even details such as eyes, ears, arms, the chest, hips, or crotch are closer to reality in this dream woman.

These properties explain why TPE dolls are steadily gaining popularity. However, described quality also has its price. Sex dolls made of TPE are not exactly among the cheap models.

Here we go to a selection of the best TPE sex dolls.

Do Male Sex Dolls For Women Exist?

While silicone sex dolls for men are known, love dolls for women are considered rather a rarity. Some people don’t even know that this type of toy also exists for women.

In fact, the selection of male sex dolls is much limited, and also the demand is sometimes lower. If you are looking for a male rubber doll, you will definitely find what you are looking for. The male models come with a penis and sometimes also have anal and oral orifices.

There are also great differences in this category, in terms of quality and look and feel. The life-size male rubber dolls are often larger than female equivalents, measuring between 1.60m and 1.75m. Despite limited selection, you can find different body types. Women have a good chance of getting a playmate suitable to their tastes. Here is more information about sex dolls for women.

How Much Does a Sex Doll Cost?

Price-wise, sex dolls are among the most expensive sex toys the market has to offer. The price range is enormous, with the below factors affecting the cost point:

  • Manufacturer. Some producers specialize in selling inexpensive sex dolls, while others go for high-end products.
  • Model. If you look at the different products of a supplier, you will notice that the price also varies from model to model.
  • Material. The higher the quality of the material used, the higher the price.
  • Adaptability. The most expensive silicone dolls can are customizable and assembled according to preferences.

There are offers of silicone sex dolls for around €100 with a quality that leaves much to be desired. If you want to invest in a high-quality sex doll, accept prices that start at about €800 and can increase up to €3000.

On average, you should be prepared to spend from €1000 to €1500. Since this is a gift that you can enjoy for years, don’t be too frugal with the sale and rather save a little longer to be able to secure a top model.

With top sex doll models, choose the size and weight. Customize the appearance by buying clothes, lingerie for true pleasure and satisfaction.

Where Can You Buy Best Sex Dolls?

Most sex dolls are available online. Sex stores and websites specializing in sex toys offer products in different designs and price ranges. Not every provider is reputable. Find out exactly about the respective store and look at customer reviews. This minimizes the risk of buying an inferior silicone sex doll at an overpriced price.

We present models meeting all safety standards, buy them without hesitation. Before you buy a sex doll, consider whether you would rather get a real sex doll, one of the TPE sex dolls, or a normal sex doll.

Get information about delivery, shipping time, advice, return, buyer protection, discretion, and service.

Top Sex Doll For Young And Old: A Substitute For Real Girlfriend

Sex dolls are suitable for individuals of various ages, young and old alike. Many users not only use love dolls for sex but enjoy touching, cuddling, making them look pretty, and spending time in their company.

A sex doll made of plastic cannot completely replace a real woman. You can’t have a conversation with her and you know very well that she can’t develop feelings of affection. As far as the physical part is concerned, sex doll products can definitely be a substitute for a flesh and blood girlfriend.

Best Sex Doll: FAQ

How to use a sex doll properly?

In principle, sex with a sex doll works similarly to lovemaking with a real woman. The biggest difference is that the doll cannot move on its own and thus inevitably takes the passive part. Use lubricant gel to simulate moisture and make penetration more pleasant. Keep in mind that oil-based lubricants can possibly attack the material of the doll. On the other hand, you can't go far wrong with a water-based lubricant.

Are sex dolls hygienic?

That depends entirely on how well they are cared for. With good care and regular cleaning, sex products will remain hygienic for years. The issue of cleaning agents is important, as they should not damage the sex doll. Also, there is a certain hygienic film that you can use for storage.

How to clean the sex dolls?

In general, the silicone sex dolls must be cleaned after each use. In some models, the pleasure channel can be removed and simply rinsed out. Special toy cleaners are suitable for washing. Alternatively, the love dolls can also be cleaned with water and mild soap. This is especially useful if you have previously bathed with the sex doll. It is important that the body openings can dry well after cleaning. Otherwise, a bacterial hotspot will quickly develop. From time to time, you should additionally disinfect your silicone playmate and care for it with a powder so that the material remains soft and supple for a long time.

What is the difference between an inflatable and a silicone doll?

Inflatable dolls look more unrealistic and feel like cold, smooth plastic. They are often smaller and do not have a significant weight of their own. On the other hand, they are very inexpensive. Silicone dolls, on the other hand, have a lot of details and convince with a deceptively real feel. Sex dolls can take a different position, which has an enormous effect on the quality of the sexual adventure - in a positive way, of course. They are bigger and heavier, but also much more expensive.

Is it possible to rent a sex doll?

There is the possibility to rent a sex doll online for a certain period of time. This is especially useful if you are not sure whether to invest in a rubber doll or if you just want to try sex with a sex doll once. One of the advantages is that you can first bring the artificial partner home to bed and try it out. Once again, a satisfying experience is the choice of a reputable provider. And of course, the use of a condom is very important with regard to your own health! Before and after use rented sex dolls should be cleaned thoroughly.

Can you penetrate Sex Dolls with a very small/large penis?

If you wonder whether your penis might be too big or too small for a sex doll, you are worrying for nothing. The material of sex dolls is very flexible, especially in the area of the body orifices, and adapts to the penis size quite automatically. A very small penis is stimulated absolutely reliably, while a very large penis can penetrate unhindered. Sex dolls are therefore suitable for every man, no matter how big his best piece is.