Life Size Sex Doll

Life-size sex dolls are the same size as humans. Handmade, high-quality life-size human love dolls are real women replicas! When choosing a life-size sex doll focus on the sensations, skin softness, and generous shapes. The best lifesize sex dolls will please you in all circumstances thanks to the metal skeleton. Let imagination run wild and customize sex dolls to your desires. Free up inspiration and sexual fantasies!

What are Life Size Sex Dolls?

Life-size sex dolls are what most people imagine when they think of a sex doll. These are life-sized human dolls with anatomically correct openings and lifelike features. Life-size love dolls are usually between 150 and 170cm tall and cost a pretty penny.

If you are looking for the most human experience from a sex companion, realistic sex dolls are the way to go.

Real life-size love doll improves sex life

How to spice up your marriage with a real-life size sex doll? The sex doll industry is the most dynamic at the moment. Inflatable human imitations were not only unattractive but also far from realistic. Sex dolls were considered taboo, and there was a sort of stigma attached to using and talking about them. The dark days are over and people appreciate the benefits of lifesize love dolls. The quality of sex dolls has also improved over time.

Buy life size sex doll

The lifesize sex dolls are made of medical-grade TPE material. TPE is a 100% non-toxic, odorless product. Life-size sex dolls are not sunk in with a metal back, if you pick it up with one hand it will keep their shape. Love dolls are super soft and you can pretty much squeeze every part! It feels amazing whether you’re in holes, between breasts, or on your butt. The hole in the vagina has texture and ridges to make it feel like the real thing! It’s also easier to stretch than the butt, which makes it so realistic. The lifesize love doll is super smooth and tight which creates incredible suction. Great masturbator at a great price!

150 cm to 170 cm Full-Size Sex Dolls

On this page, you will find full-size sex dolls from 150 cm to 170 cm. Life-size sex dolls are robust, thus you can keep them for many years. Sex doll’s skin feels like human skin when you touch the surface.

Buy Luxury Life Size Sex Dolls

People build relationships with realistic life-size sex dolls. Premium real sex dolls benefit not only the singles but also people who have partners. They use life-size sex dolls or love dolls to release sexual desires or spice up marriages. At LoveBimbo you will buy top-quality silicone sex dolls or TPE sex dolls. Make your dreams come true. Feel free to browse our love dolls collections, don’t hesitate to contact us!