Sex Doll Torso

The popularity of sex doll torsos is increasing every day. Fulfill desires and fetishes with the torso of the sex doll coming from the top selection! A sex doll torso is a realistic imitation of a woman’s body.

Magic of Sex Doll Torso

Sex doll torsos are perfect for beginners, as they weigh rather little and are easy to transport. Clean them under the shower or in the bathtub. The sex doll torso is also easy to store. If budget is an issue, but at the same time you don’t want to miss the real feeling of a lifelike TPE sex doll or silicone sex doll, choose a sex doll torso. Choose a love doll torso with movable arms thanks to the metal skeleton.

Like big sex dolls, the torsos also have 3 openings for penetration and fun. Dolls torsos are fantastic at mimicking a woman’s pussy, mouth, or even ass. Sex doll torso gives overwhelming stimulation, often better than a real woman.

But of course, you consist of more than a penis. Look at beautiful curves, have a full ass in hands, feel jiggling breasts against your chest! This makes the sex experience much better. That’s exactly what a torso sex doll masturbator gives you.

Why choose a Sex Doll without Legs or Head?

Some people prefer the minimalistic sex doll design. That’s why they choose a torso sex doll, but practical sex toys have many more advantages:

  • Less weight. arms, legs, and the head add a lot more weight to a sex doll. Unless you’re into these things, it makes sense to go without.
  • Easier to handle. A sex doll without all extras is not only lighter but also easy to handle and position. Are you in the mood for doggy style? Or would you prefer the reverse riding position? No problem! With a torso masturbator, no arms or legs get in the way and you have easy access to all the holes!
  • Simpler to store. Lack of limbs makes the love doll much easier to store. Most torso sex dolls will even fit in a large sex toy bag. Depending on your living situation, storage is a deciding factor.
  • Cheaper than a life size sex doll. A life-size doll is much more expensive for two reasons; first, a doll with limbs requires a skeleton. Without it, the arms and legs would slobber around like spaghetti. Making and assembling the skeleton and joints is very labor-intensive. The head also involves a lot of manual labor. The makeup and eyelashes are applied manually, as they cannot be printed onto the material.
  • More resistant. Fingers, toes, eyelashes, and make-up are all very sensitive and break in use. Also, it happens that the joint cracks or jams if you move the love doll wrong. Since a sex doll torso is made without movable elements, there is much less risk of damaging a part.

Dress up the Torso Sex Doll

Due to the realistic shapes of a torso sex doll, you can have fun dressing it up according to your preferences. How about a cute little bikini or sexy lace underwear? Or would you prefer shorts and a t-shirt? How about the outfit of your favorite anime character? The possibilities are endless and the right outfit can bring any of the fantasies to life.

Most sex doll torso masturbators are smaller than an average woman. Be sure and check her measurements before buying an outfit. Small size usually works well and in a pinch, you can tuck excess fabric back or secure it with a safety pin.